Giant potato

In the south we love our tea sweet and our potatoes the exact same way.

As a grower, packer, shipper, and processor we take pride in the ownership of every step of the process from our family farm to your table. This allows us to have 100% traceability on all of our products. Want to know where your product comes from? Let us know and we can tell you the exact location down to the field where it was harvested. Quality sweet potatoes start with access to fertile land and quality seed. Luckily, in North Carolina we have access to some of the best land, seeds, and weather conditions needed to produce quality sweet potatoes.                                                             

All of Our Products Start with a Single Seed

As a NC Certified Seed Producer, Ham Farms cultivates micropropogated, elite plants in our greenhouses. Using certified seed will ensure a healthy, disease-free crop that is more uniform.


In early march, our seed stock will be bedded in the field. Precision transplanters are used for planting, to ensure slips are spaced uniformly in rows.


Harvesting involves using a modified disc to uncover the sweet potatoes. Roots are hand harvested and graded in the field. Once harvested the sweet potatoes are transported to one of our controlled atmosphere storage facilities.

Curing sweet potatoes helps to heal cuts, reduces decay and shrinkage, and also converts some starch to sugar enhancing the sweet potatoes natural flavor. Once the curing process is completed the sweet potatoes is ready to be packed and shipped.

Our packing process starts with ensuring our crop is well preserved and consistent with the quality from the day it was harvested. Forced air coolers in our warehouse allow us to store up to 13 million bushels in a climate controlled environment.

Our state of the art sorting equipment allows customers orders’ to be accurately sorted by length, diameter, weight, grade, and color.

We offer multiple packaging options to fit every customers’ needs from custom boxed to mesh 3 or 5 pound bags, or even individually wrapped potatoes ready for the end consumer’s microwave.

We believe that shipping is not just about loading products on a truck and handing over responsibility to the customer. Unlike most growers we have onsite logistics and offer full traceability on all of our products. This assures that you, the customer, know exactly where your products are coming from (down to the field they were grown in) as well as gives you confidence of on time delivery.

Customer Service
Our relationship with our customers, internationally and domestically, does not stop after the purchase of one of our products. We are committed to providing comprehensive customer service, with the goal of cultivating a long term relationship.