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HACCP Certificate for Good Manufacturing Practices

Foodsafety Haccp HACCP, or Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, helps food producers identify, correct, and prevent biological, chemical and physical hazards at critical points in the food production and distribution process. To gain certification, producers must meet requirements of the seven principles: Undergo a hazard analysis; identify critical control points; establish limits for these points; determine monitoring procedures for these points; execute corrective actions if needed as well as a process for record keeping and verification that HAACP procedures are being followed.

Global GAP Certificate for Excellent Production Methods

Logo Gobalgap Global GAP Certfication is voluntary to all agricultural and food producing entities in the world. The governing body uses rigorous standards to evaluate the quality of food products grown, harvested, and distributed by farms throughout the world. Ham Farms submits for recertification annually to ensure our distributors that they are always receiving the freshest produce, grown using the most advanced and environmentally safe practices.

CMI Certificate of Conformity for Tesco® NURTURE

Nurture Logo This certification assures that we use only the best methods to seed, grow, and harvest our produce. All regulatory requirements must be met, and the environment cannot be harmed during production of our crop.

GMO Free Products

No Gmo  All of our products are 100% natural and are free of any GMO altered ingredients.