Sweet Potatoes

In the south we love our tea sweet and our potatoes the exact same way. The North Carolina Sweet Potato is the envy of all other potatoes worldwide. Here in North Carolina we don't just grow any sort of sweet potato we grow Covington Sweet Potatoes. It's distinct orange color, sweet flavor, large size and unrivaled health benefits make it the perfect side or star of any meal. In fact our sweet potatoes have fewer calories, carbs, starch and more than 1,000x the amount of Vitamin A than any brand of white potatoes. Did we mention they taste great too? The North Carolina Covington Sweet Potato is both super healthy and super tasty; no wonder why it is called a “Super Food”.

Each one of our sweet potatoes is grown and harvested from one of our family farms down south of the Mason-Dixon Line. After harvesting, we use one of our 4 state of the art packing lines that consistently and accurately pack in our Ham’s Yams and Sweet Carolina labels. We grow organize and conventional sweet potatoes and have the ability to pack in boxes, bags, microwavable singles and trays, as well as steamable bags. Since we have our hands in the entire process we can make sure that we are delivering the best products from our family farm to your family’s table.


Weight in Ounces Count per Carton
6-8 85-90
6-10 80-85
8-12 60-70
10-14 50-55
12-16 40-45
20-24 30-35


Ham's Yams
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We pack in recyclable 10, 20, and 40 pound domestic boxes as well as 6,14, abd18 kilogram international boxes. Our famous Ham's Yams and Sweet Carolina's labels have been around for 40+ years, but we can pack in custom labels too.


Sweet Potato Bags Our mesh bags come in 3, 5, 6 1/2, and for the real sweet potato lovers 10 pound packages. Tip-  the bag can be used to carry all your beach accessories without taking any sand back with you!


Untitled DesignMicro Yams In a hurry and want a healthy lunch, dinner, or even snack? Try one of our microwavable sweet potatoes. Just pop in the microwave for 6-8 minutes and eat with your favorite fixin's.

Coworker or friend jealous of your tasty tater? We offer a variety of packaging including 1.5 lb bags, 2,3 and 4 pack trays as well as singles.
2 Pack